Palos Verdes (January 2011)

Palos Verdes bluffs.  About 10 miles south of Marina Del Rey.

Had to climb down (and of course back up) this very steep trail.  Parts are nearly vertical.

There had been heavy rain for nearly a week before this and some of the steep parts were

nearly impassable walls of mud.  There is someone holding a surf board about one fourth of the

way up,  which gives you some idea of the scale.

I don't know what these little critters (~ 2 cm) are called.  They burrow into the rock - which

I assume takes a long time.  This one is actually sunken into the rock surface about 8 mm.

Hermit crab.

Crows can be very aggressive when defending their territory.

Here they are harassing a Red-tailed Hawk until it leaves the area.

The plants in this tide pool look to me like a southeast Asian jungle.

These tide pools have a huge variety of shells, animals, rocks and even lobsters.

These rock crystals are in intense shade of emerald green.

I don't think the photo really captures the true color.

There are pools with hundreds of these shells.  I didn't have the right lens to capture the whole pool.

David Lindsay Troffer